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Factors that affect your love marriage in Indian astrology

Getting married is an important decision that everyone will take in their life. Marriage life determines the success of every individual. You need to be more cautious while choosing your life partner. Marriage is an important ritual in Hindu society and culture. If it happens with our loved ones then it is more special. Love Problem Solution is an important tool to symbolize love and promotes happiness everywhere. Astrology is one of the crucial factors in determining your marriage life. You need to be more careful otherwise it will land you in many troubles. There are lots of factors in astrology that affects your love marriage: here the list of factors that affects your love marriage in Indian astrology:

Transit of planets:

If it is an arranged marriage or love cum arranged marriage astrologers will have the opportunity to check your horoscope and give solutions accordingly. But when it comes to pure love marriage astrologer will not be having the chance to check your horoscope which can lead to lots of troubles in the future. First of all, you must know the factors that affect your love marriage through Indian astrology. It is mainly due to the transit of planets. The transit of planets like Jupiter and Saturn is very important because planets will have a direct impact on the 7th house that is marriage. It is necessary to analyze the Dasha and Antardasha of the planets that are influencing the seventh house. So if you have good planets that are residing in your 7th position then it will work wonders in your life. While opening your love affair in front of your family make sure that good planets are placed in the 7th position.

Laws of karma:

Laws of karma play a crucial role in your Love Marriage Specialist. It is the destined factor that determines two souls to come close to their hearts and start loving each other. It is an important factor for attracting the people and getting influence against each other. Your planets make you feel attracted towards other people and after transition, it will move on to some other persons. So make sure you are loving the right person which can help you to continue your love affair till the end.


Kundli is another important factor in Vedic astrology that affects your love marriage. If the 5th house is filled with the lord then getting married to your loved ones is high otherwise you will face lots of dissections in your life during and after your love marriage.

Final thoughts:

Astrology is a crucial factor that affects your love marriage for sure. At the same time, you need to be patient and do the necessary Parikhaars that will help you to attain good things in your life. Love is an age-related affection that will make you get attracted to another person at the same time love marriage is an art that exhibits the happiness between two couples and community.