Get your ex back with help of spells

In day to day life, every human being is affected with love, but due to some external problems and some unexpected situations, the lovers are unable to continue their path for life long. It is the worst life travel for the partner who needs another one to joins with them, some will convince within days or even in months but many will change in years only a very few will not come for a lifelong. It is a crucial stage for another partner without love, so the best way to convince your ex to come back is Black Magic Symptoms and spells. There are some black magic tips to get the ex-back.


Once you start this black magic mantra with true heart and trust then it will provide you an ex-ordinary result, if you follow with a sincere heart then it will provide the result in a short period. We should make the strong devotion of “Kamdev” and it will be very helpful to retain the ex.


Candle spell:


This spell required 6 different types of colour candles. Two pink and one green, yellow, red, blue candles are get arranged. Now, let us start the spell. Kindle place the green candle on the flat surface towards the north direction and remaining yellow in east, red in south and blue in west, after this arrangement please hold the pink candle on your hand and face towards the south direction of red candle and just imagine your ex emotions and the visualize the picture in the mind and parallelly pray the god with more sincere hearted. Kindle do this until your ex to come back.


Doll spell:


There are some required materials for this spell, were the doll which looks like a man and also need the ex-boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s un washed cloth and their hair. Then stick the hair on the doll’s head with the help of glue and cut the shirt into many pieces and made the shirt for the doll with the help of that shirt pieces. At last, put your pillow next to your ex pillow and place the doll to that pillow and chant with the doll that considers as your ex. Before practice, this spell kindly takes a spiritual bath and also wears red cloths and your hands should carry the red candle were the candle should be printed with the partner’s name. When the candle starts to burns, it will bring all the thoughts and How to Protect Yourself from Black Magic. Kindly follow this with full concentration for 21 days within 3 weeks then your ex will be back.


Clay spell:


This spell will be a simple one to link with your ex. Take a hairpiece of your ex and make some hair of yours also, cut both of them and mix it well and make a pot of clay and make 40 balls. Now, place the balls every day in the ex’s house where she/he passes through it and buries each by day one. Please remember that you should say the name of your ex while burning.