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Love marriage is two opposite-sex love exchanges each other & get marry with or without consultation of parents. In astrology, the Saturn followed by Rahu creates an urge in a love relationship. The 7th house of the astrology chart tells about the partner relationship and the type of marriage.

In many cases, the love marriage ends up with a huge problem related to caste, religion, creed, and color. It is an abandoning of customs, culture, and tradition. Love Marriage Solution can be obtained in an astrological way with the help of love marriage specialist Vashikaran

Love marriage Specialist – Baba Yograj help for all the married couple by his knowledge of astrology He says once the compatibility factor has been worked out people often wish to know what type of husband/wife one would get etc.

Love marriage: Love marriage is an arranged marriage by the boy and girl through their own choice overlooking the customs. The 5th house indicates customs and traditions. Similarly religious customs are studied from the 9th house. The 7th house stands for partner and marriage. Love marriage means abandoning of customs and traditions So, in such charts the 5th house is occupied by strong planets. The strongest planet for creating an urge for love marriage or relations if Saturn followed by rah. In a male chart, if venus is afflicted through conjunction or expected by Saturn or rahu a love marriage is indicated.

So, the 5th, 7th and 9th houses and their lords are involved in love marriage. Both the lords are seen in conjunction or in tine 5th ,7th or 9th 10th or 11th. In certain cases the 9th lord joins lords of 5th or 7th A simple formula for love marriage is follow as:

  • Lord of 5th + Lord of 7th
  • Lord of 5th + Lord of 9th
  • Lord of 5th + Lord of 9th

The aspect of the above lords should be angular In a female chart. So Id mars is aspected or conjoined in her chart with rahu of Saturn ir aspects are there, she flirts with a male and has illict relations. Marriage depends on the disposition of the venus, rahu, Saturn and moon in the male birth chart.

It is needless to say that the conjunction of the above planets must be either in 5th, 7th (Primary) 10th,11 th or 1st houses (secondary), otherwise the prospective couples may have an opportunity to come together for a long time without any prospects of a successful marriage.

If the above conjuction falls in 6th,8th, or 12th houses, frustration due to one reason or another cannot be ruled out, willingly or unwillingly , the lovers have to sacrifice their love life and have to seek unknown partners in marriage. Pandit karan ji help to best way to happy love marriage life with his skill of astrology.

In the 7th house mainly refers to marriage, wife of husband and marital happiness. Hence the positions of the 7th lord in different houses with reference to lagna. Pandit helps you for marriage issues like: legal marriage, No marriages, Delayed Marriage, Time of Marriage, Married Life, Happy Married Life, Unhappy married life

Arranged or Legal marriage: In order to predict a legal marriage, first ascertain if she is destined to marry or not, what type of marriage is possible, and when. How will the married life be? Such question is dealt with here and can be checked form the horoscope.

Happy married life :

The following yogas may be checked from these horoscope of the husband and wife.

  1. Jupiter and venus being the 7th lord and significator, or 2nd and 11th houses.
  2. If the 7th house is occupied by its lord receives aspect of a benefic planet and also 7th house lord from either lagna or moon is favorably disposed.

In the above two cases the married life is expected to be happy the natal horoscopes of husband and wife are intersected and have to be judged in conjunction with each other from 1st and 7th house of both the charts, you can judge the status, family, health, wealth, education, etc. of the husband. You can judge to the life the life of the husband and wife. If any one of them is governed or aspected by and evil planet, the disparities and afflictions would follow 1st and 7th houses favorably governed and aspected will result in happy married life.

Unhappy married life :

When Saturn,rahu etc. transit the 7th house, moon, venus stc. Or aspect them, during the transit of these, there would be misunderstandings, quarrels or unhappy incidents in the family.

When you understand your partner and look beyond your partner’s personality, you will see the importance of their existence and realize what they mean to you. Once you know your partner, you both can develop a deep respect and good understanding which would solve all your relationship issues. You must also learn to forgive and accept their apologies if it’s true. Do not hesitate and hide things from your partner, as it is important to keep the other person’s faith and trust intact. Keep in mind to compliment your partner for their positivity nature and make them feel special and appreciated always. It helps in deepening your bond with your partner.

Love marriage or arrange marriage:

  • Is not always that all the love marriages are unsuccessful and all the arranged marriage are successful. Most of the arranged marriage is successful for some reasons, and the parents support the relationship to keep the connection alive and for the responsibility.
  • If you believe in astrology, then here are some things that will clear all your points. If you have chosen the girl/boy for the marriage, then the next step should be visiting the astrologer.
  • In astrology, the seventh house denotes the relationship/marriage. As the general rule, the seventh house lord should not occupy the 6th and the 8th house in a horoscope to assure marital happiness.
  • Again, if the 7th house has been the sandwich between the two malefic planets, then the marriage is miserable and burdensome.
  • Thus the astrology will supports this opinion despite the love, commitment and honesty of the weddings. Hence, the astrologer will give you the best remedies if you are rushing to your marriage.

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